Thursday, December 19, 2019

Recipe Thursday: Roasted Duck Holiday Feast

The movie, A Christmas Story, teaches us a lot of things -- one lesson being that if a pack of dogs runs off with your Holiday turkey, then go get a roast duck from your local Chinese restaurant. Roving dogs aside, if you find yourself in need of a turkey backup this year, then save yourself a trip to a restaurant and cook a homemade roast duck instead. Food & Wine’s Roast Duck with Citrus Pan Sauce is a great alternative to turkey and surprisingly easy to make. 

Photo Credit: Food & Wine / Quentin Bacon
Serve this beautiful culinary centerpiece alongside an equally elegant bottle of J.L. Chave Selection's Saint-Joseph “Offerus.” The sweet, dark berry notes on this wine combined with the rich, caramelized citrus pan sauce on the roasted duck make a brilliant combination for any festive holiday feast.

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